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Labeling Aluminum Cans

Attention Craft Brewers!

Why spend the money and carry the large inventory of pre-labeled aluminum cans when you could use shrink sleeve label applicators instead? Heat shrink sleeves and labels are a fast growing trend in the craft brewing industry, and the lowest cost solution for labeling your product. This system allows you to purchase your cans as blanks in bulk and label with shrink sleeves in a Just-in-Time fashion. Contact us to learn more about shrink sleeve labels and shrink label applicators.  Our helpful staff will be happy to answer any of your shrink sleeve labeling questions in a professional and timely manner.

TRIPACK offers excellent entry-level label applicators for heat shrink sleeves to get you started in aluminum can printing.



Make it POP! The benefits...

  • Set your product label apart from competition
  • High impact shrink sleeve labels
    • Brightly Colored Labels
    • Metallic or Matte Finish
    • Crisp Artwork Registration
  • Complete versatility with graphics

Cover of Packaging Digest magazine: Learn about can wrap

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Sleeve Label System Features:

  • Small footprint
  • Labeling Speed: 30 - 50 cans/ minute
  • Mandrel Style Label Applicator
  • Steam Label or Heat Shrink Tunnel Label System
  • Steam Generator

Why Use Heat Shrink Labeling?

  • Avoid truckload order minimums of pre-printed cans
  • Don't tie your cash up in pre-sleeved can inventory
  • Save precious warehouse space
  • Just-in-time labeling
    • Seasonal brews
    • Promotional events
    • Contract brewing for other companies




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