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The HSA Series sleeve applicators were made for high-speed applications, extensive line integration requirements, and heavy production schedules. These models are built to last, with rugged stainless steel designs, easy to operate touch screens that are powered by Allen-Bradley control systems and servo motion.

All 300 Series applicators are available in NEMA 4X, caustic wash-down construction for dairy or other intense cleaning environments.  Coupled with our FT-300 Film Accumulation system, these high speed systems will run non-stop, with on-the-fly film changeovers, maximizing uptime and production throughput.

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Neck Banding & Shrink Bands machine


  • Allen-Bradley Control Package
  • Servo Motion Cutting and Film Feed
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Single-Point Touch Screen Line Control


  • “T”-Style and Vertical Perforating
  • Caustic Wash-Down Design
  • Splicing Station & Film Accumulator
  • Film Turn Assembly
Shrink-wrapped bottles of various sizes and shapes