Shrink Applications

shrink applications

Standard Specifications

Standard Power 240/480 Volt, 3 Phase, 30/20 Amp    
Tunnel Length 5'    
Tunnel Opening (WxH) 10" x 13.75"    
Max Tunnel Elevation 42"    
Tunnel Elevation Adjustment 10"    

*Other power options available, stand is required when running in excess of 42” tall (product plus conveyor height from floor)


  • Digital temperature read out with adjustable dual zone temperature settings
  • Powered up/down controls
  • Cantilever/conveyor through tunnel design
  • Stainless steel frame with adjustable feet
  • Digital air flow read out with dual zone adjustable air flow settings
  • E-stop push-button safety feature
  • Independent and adjustable baffles for air flow direction/control

Tripack heat tunnels have adjustable baffles with digital temperature and variable air velocity controls to meet demanding shrink applications. This total shrink control gives you the ability to successfully shrink any sleeve application: tamper evident neck bands to full-body, high-shrink labels.

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