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TRIPACK offers a variety of systems for most any level of food packaging requirements. Our applicator design allows us to accommodate all 3 shrink sleeve application possibilities through a very simple change over process.

  1. Shrink Labeling
  2. Tamper Evident Banding
  3. Shrink Sleeve Multi Packs

TRIPACK offers contract packaging services to manufacturers. This is a great option for many manufacturers in a variety of situations! We offer the perfect combination of price, quality and service, that puts us above all of our competition. 

-Investing in a production line is costly. Our contract packing allows companies to get their product to market quickly.

-New products. Once again, companies are able to get their products out prior to their production line being completed. 

-Their own line is being built. Our contract packing is an ideal situation for new buyers. While their equipment is being designed and assembled, they are able to see firsthand how production will work. 

One of the most popular trends today is twin packs for club store promotions. TRIPACK’s 300 Series applicators have a range of up to 400mm Layflat Width which can handle very large or wide shrink sleeve applications.

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Yogurt, Syrup, Jellie containers decorated in shrink wrap