With over 15 years of contract packaging experience, we are experts in designing, building, and installing shrink sleeve packaging machines. The Tripack team will work closely with you through all phases of production, from design and development to assembly and shipping, to ensure your containers reach their final destination in a timely manner. Our turnkey service includes sleeve specifications, prepress, material sourcing, shrink testing, and container decorating production runs.

We also apply and shrink your product using the finest equipment available, Tripack‘s! Our applicators are fast and precise, and our shrink tunnels have been called “the best in the industry.” Our turnkey process will save your supply chain valuable execution time and since we’re strategically located in the Midwest, you’ll benefit from reduced freight costs due to our one-day proximity to 60% of the population.


Whether your project is small or large, a quick promotional run or a long-term commitment, we can help.  Tripack offers a broad range of contract packaging services.

  • Container Decorating
  • Club Store Multi-Packs
  • Promotional Packs
  • Tamper-Evident Packaging
  • Variety Packs
  • POP Displays
  • Beverage Re-Pack
  • Glass Re-Pack and Repurpose


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Tripack is fully committed to providing you with a custom packaging solution that fits your needs and helps you stand out from the competition. We partner with you to help create a unique brand identity and reduce factory-to-shelf time while saving you money. Our experience managing high-volume packaging operations means you can count on us for all your contract packaging needs, from concept to delivery.


  • 8 automated shrink sleeve packaging lines
  • Container sizes from 1” to 10” in diameter


  • Odd and round shapes
  • Steam and convection shrink tunnel systems
  • Container drying
  • Rapid prototype custom puck systems
  • Extensive tooling inventory
  • Automatic de-palletization and re-palletization
  • Inventory management & warehousing
  • Material sourcing

When you’re ready to bring your sleeving process in-house, let us outifit you with a Tripack system of your own to make it an easy and seamless transition!


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Client Testimonial

“I have not found anyone else offering the level of service and quality of product that I regularly receive from Tripack. The ease of ordering, upfront pricing and reliability of delivery is seamless and worry-free”

― Carton Brewing

Are you a start-up or have a new product and not sure where to get started with Contract Sleeve Labeling?

Give us a call and let us help you select and execute the best solution. Our turn-key shrink sleeve solutions are tailored for projects of any size and scope.

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