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One of Tripack's machines that applies shrinkable sleeves

Applicators For Shrinkable Labels

Our heat applicators are built for reliability and ease of use.  We have models covering a wide range of capabilities, starting with entry level heat sleeve applicators designed for basic production requirements, up to fully integrated, high speed systems capable of 700 parts per minute.

Typical applications include heat shrinkable sleeves & labels, tamper evident neck bands, and promotional sleeves for creating multi-packs or twin packs. 

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One of Tripack's Steam Tunnels

Steam Tunnels

Our steam tunnels offer maximum shrink control through various steam components and a fully adjustable, 3-way steam manifold injection system.  The double walled stainless steel frame minimizes surface temperature, and all tunnels come with Allen-Bradley VFD controlled steam exhaust system.  Models range from 3' up to 20'.  

Typical applications include high ratio sleeve applications, premier heat shrink quality product requirements, glass containers, and shrink multi-packs.

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Tripack Convection Heat Tunnel

Convection Heat Tunnels

Our convection heat shrink tunnels are not your typical heat tunnel.  These systems are designed specifically for printed label application.  Systems typically are designed in multi-zone setups, allowing for a progressive, uniform shrink process.  Unique features include VFD controlled air circulation, digital temperature control, adjustable dampers for directional heat control, and an automatic up/down tunnel head.

Typical applications include full body sleeve labeling, tamper evident neck banding, and heat shrink sleeves in multi-packs.

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Shrink wrapped products of odd shapes and sizes

Integrated and Engineered Solutions

Tripack takes the system approach to every project.  We understand that sleeve applicators are only as good as the product handling system below it.  When projects entail odd shape or light weight containers, multi packs, or special elevation ensuring an underwrap of the sleeve, Tripack's team of engineers will design a reliable product handling system.  

Typical customized systems include puck conveyors, vacuum conveyors, collators, reject stations, orienters, and more...

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