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Tripack has been manufacturing label applicators since 2003. As a family-owned business, we value high quality and integrity. We can customize our label applicators to create the best labeling system for your business. Choose from our popular designs!

The HSA Series label applicators are perfect for handling high-speed applications. No matter how heavy your production schedules are or how extensive your line integration is, these sleeve applicators can complete the job. Not only are they built to last, they incorporate easy-to-use touch screens. 

The MSA Series is one of the most flexible sleeve applicators available today. Created for moderate to heavy labeling production schedules, this design is equipped to handle speeds up to 700ppm. 

The LSA Series is perfect for manufacturing setups that don't have a lot of floor space. Perfect for entry level labeling and packaging, this is the ideal labeling system for companies requiring lighter production. 

The TE-208 Shrink Band Labeling System is an ideal solution for applying tamper-evident shrink band labels. The labeling system adds value to your product by providing a consistent band placement perfect for letting buyers know the product has been safely sealed from production to shelf.

Mandrel Shrink Sleeve Label Applicators

The Mandrel System

TRIPACK shrink sleeve label applicators use cutting-edge, mandrel style film delivery systems. Every mandrel packaging system is custom built to provide precision film sizing, fast and accurate cutting, and efficient label application.

Cutting System Knives

Cutting Systems

TRIPACK label cutting systems are designed for speed and accuracy. Knives are driven with servo motion, and they feature either pivot-style or centrifugal force blade rotation. Blade replacement is simple and inexpensive.

Control Panel

Line Control

When line integration or custom PLC programming is required, Tripack engineers can design an electrical control package that meets your needs. Let us know how you would like our system to “talk” to another part of your production line, and we'll design your labeling program accordingly.