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LSA Series Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machines

Our LSA series shrink sleeve applicator machines are engineered to meet your entry level packaging needs and light production schedules. Designed for tamper evident banding, multi packs, and fully body shrink labeling, LSA series machines are currently the most versatile sleeve applicators available on the market today. The LSA series machines are also designed to take up minimal floor space with their cantilever design. This design allows them to be quickly and easily integrated into your existing packaging line.

Each of our LSA series machines features state-of-the-art Mandrel style film application technology.  This gives you maximum production efficiency as well as precision full body shrink sleeve and tamper evident neck band application at speeds between 50 ppm to 80 ppm. 

All of our machines are built with aluminum and stainless steel construction for added durability, and they come with caster wheels and leveling feet for mobility and ease of adjustment. LSA series machines also feature HMI touchscreens and PLC controls for easy, user-friendly operation.

View specifications, download product sheets, or watch the short video below for more information on how our LSA series shrink tunnel machines can automate your packaging line, replace manual labor, and provide your company with accurate and reliable full body shrink label and tamper evident overwrap sleeve application.

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LSA Sleeve Shrink Tunnel Machine


  • Mandrel Style Film Application Machinery
  • HMI Touchscreen & PLC Controls
  • Single Roll Film Carriage
  • Stepper and Servo Technology
  • Rotary Knife System
  • Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction
  • Caster Wheels & Leveling Feet


  • Vertical & Horizontal Perforating
  • Film Turn Assembly
  • Static Reducer
Small Containers decorated with shrink sleeves